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05/09/12 -- Mezeo Software ®, a leading provider of the storage services layer forcloud-scale applications, today announced that it has been formallyrecognized as a certified partner in the Dell™ DX Object Storage Technology Partner Program . Dell has certified the MezeoCloud Storage Connector for seamlessintegration with the Dell DX Object Storage Platform. Organizations around the globe have been discovering that users, inan effort to improve efficiency and gain mobile access to data,have been storing corporate data onto the same public clouds theyuse to store and share personal files. This removes the security,compliance and availability of corporate data from IT and ontonon-IT vetted third-parties. Active PA Speakers
Mezeo provides a secure file sync and share solution that helps ITto keep data behind the corporate firewall. In addition, Mezeo alsoallows IT to further leverage their investment by expanding backupand archiving capabilities, and offering storage on demand fordevelopers. Add to this the self-healing DX Object Storage Platformand IT now has an innovative way to enable mobile users whileprotecting and storing corporate data. The Dell DX Object Storage Platform is designed to intelligently access, store, protect and distributefixed digital content. China Stage Monitor Speakers
From web publishing to archiving, the DellDX Object Storage Platform offers a powerful combination of dataand storage management features through an elegant, self-managing,peer-scaling architecture. In addition, the DX Object StoragePlatform uses an easy interface that employs simple HTTP and NativeAPI integration. By offering the Mezeo solution in conjunction with the Dell DXObject Storage Platform, IT departments now have anEnterprise-class secure mobile collaboration offering -- in theform of a cost-effective and efficient file sharing solution. Now,IT can enable mobile users without sacrificing security. Inaddition, IT teams can further leverage their Dell and Mezeoinvestment by offering storage on demand and enabling private cloudsolutions. China DJ PA Speakers
"Mezeo is pleased to partner with Dell and provide a certifiedsolution -- giving customers the confidence that the Mezeo solutionhas been tested and certified on a trusted hardware solution,"states Steve Lesem, President and CEO, Mezeo Software. "We viewDell as a strategic partner and believe that, together, we can worktogether to help both enterprise users and IT departmentsaccomplish more." Follow Mezeo on Twitter: /mezeo About Mezeo Software Mezeo software solutions deliver the storage services layer forcloud scale applications. MezeoCloud is a REST API cloud storageservices middleware application that runs on industry standardinfrastructure and enables organizations to turn traditionalstorage into secure, highly available cloud storage. MezeoFile is afamily of secure file sync and share clients that give users accessand collaboration capabilities from their PC/Mac, smartphone,tablet or browser interface. Mezeo provides enterprises with theability to empower mobile users while protecting corporate data bykeeping it behind the firewall.
Telcos and Service Providers useMezeo products to create a family of cloud storage solutionsincluding hosted file sync and share. For more information, visit . Add to Digg Bookmark with Add to Newsvine Contact: Penney Farris p: +1.713.244.0870 e: Copyright @ Marketwire.

High risk of gi cancers found among childhood cancer survivors - China Outdoor PA Speakers

Survivors of childhood cancers are at an increased risk of another battle with cancer later inlife, according to new research published onlin by the Annals of Internal Medicine . In the largest study to date of risk for gastrointestinal (GI)cancers among people first diagnosed with cancer before the age of21, researchers found that childhood cancer survivors develop thesemalignancies at a rate nearly five times that of the generalpopulation. While there was some preliminary evidence that childhood cancersurvivors develop GI cancers more often and at an earlier age thanthe general population, this is the first study focused on a rangeof pediatric cancers with examination of detailed treatmentinformation including chemotherapy and radiation exposures. Researchers led by Tara Henderson, MD, MPH, assistant professor ofpediatrics and director of the Childhood Cancer Survivors Center atthe University of Chicago Medicine, examined 14,358 survivors ofHodgkin lymphoma , non-Hodgkin lymphoma, neuroblastoma, soft tissue sarcoma , Wilms tumor or bone cancer. Live PA Speakers
They found that survivors were developingsecondary GI cancers as soon as five and a half years after aprimary cancer diagnosis. "Due to advancements in therapies, we now have a burgeoningpopulation of childhood cancer survivors," Henderson said."Sufferers of once nearly unequivocal deadly diseases are thrivingwell into adulthood. Unfortunately, it appears that for some theimpact of cancer therapy along with, in some cases, inherentgenetic propensity may set the stage for a second cancer diagnosis.It's an important finding that will hopefully allow us to identifyat-risk patients and implement better surveillance in clinicalpractice." The mean age of study participants at their initial cancerdiagnosis was 13.9 years, with a mean age of 33.5 at diagnosis of asecondary GI cancer. Henderson points out that these survivors arestill relatively young, and considering the median age of 70 for colorectal cancers in the general population, it's likely that researchers are seeingonly the tip of the iceberg. She anticipates the cumulativeincidence of secondary gastrointestinal cancers will continue toincrease as this population ages. China Outdoor PA Speakers
The results from the study fell in line with earlier findingssuggesting that radiation exposure is a substantial risk factor forsecond cancers in cancer survivors. Those exposed to abdominalradiation were at the greatest risk - 11.2 times that of thegeneral population. Yet, even study participants who did notreceive radiation treatment for their primary cancer were also atincreased risk. In addition, the study points to increased riskassociated with exposure to high doses of procarbazine andcisplatin chemotherapies. Study authors agree that because curing the primary childhoodcancer remains a priority, they do not advocate modifying thecurrent treatment protocols to decrease the long-term risk forgastrointestinal cancers. DJ PA Speakers Manufacturer
"However," Henderson added, "pediatriconcologists continually strive to reduce or eliminate late toxicitywithout affecting the probability of cure. Therefore, the necessityof therapies such as radiation is under constant scrutiny." Henderson and her colleagues are calling for screening of childhoodcancer survivors for GI cancer earlier than current generalguidelines, particularly among those with increased risk factors.They recommend this population be screened every five years,beginning 10 years after radiation treatment, or at age 35,whichever is later. One clear-cut example of the possible impactwould be stronger survival rates with early detection of colorectalcancer where the current recommendation is to begin screening atage 50. "We can't yet predict which patients will face a subsequent cancer,but we can and should devise screening guidelines that take all therisk factors into account," said Henderson. "Waiting until thesepatients are 50 is simply not enough." Additional References Citations.

Obama decision on gay marriage ripples through latin america - China Full Range Loudspeakers

In Latin America, citizens don't support gay marriage thatmuch, says Margarita Corral, who worked on a 2010 survey on gaymarriage by the Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP) at Vanderbilt University . In fact, support is lower in Latin America overall than it is inthe US, with only 26.8 percent supporting it, compared to 47.4percent in the US, according to the LAPOP data. (Updated data isexpected in coming months.) However, acceptance varies widelyacross the Americas, with Argentina and Uruguay showing relatively high levels of support, above the US, while El Salvador , Guyana , and Jamaica are at the very bottom. This data shows that the more religious residents are, the lesslikely they are to support gay marriage . Part of the reason it has gained ground in deeply Catholic LatinAmerica is that while the majority of residents identify asCatholic, they are not necessarily fervently religious. Live PA Speakers
And at thesame time, marriage is viewed in Latin America as first andforemost a civil act carried out by the state, says Simon Cazal,the executive director of the gay rights organization Somosgay in Paraguay . Argentina has gone the furthest in the region with its 2010national move to legalize same-sex unions. But Mexico City also grabbed headlines in December 2009 when the megalopolislegalized same-sex marriage. After Argentina, state courts in Brazil held that civil unions could be converted to marriages, and thetop appeals court upheld those marriages last fall. Those moves came after growing support for civil unions betweensame-sex couples across the region, first in Buenos Aires in 2002, and later in cities throughout Mexico and Brazil. China Full Range Loudspeakers
Uruguay legalized civil unions nationwide, as didBrazil later. Mr. Cazal says that while the Catholic Church has condemned the gayrights movement, the church is one enemy, he says, making iteasier to fight than the disparate religious lobbies in the US(even though evangelicals have been gaining ground across Centraland South America and are among the most vociferous opponents of gay marriage in theregion). President Obama, the first sitting US president to endorse gaymarriage, told ABC News yesterday that "At a certain point, I've just concluded thatfor me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirmthat I think same-sex couples should be able to get married." Conservative politicians across the world, including Latin America,quickly took a stance against Obama. "Barack Obama is anethical man and a philosophically confused man," a Peruviancongresswoman Martha Chavez, told the AP. China Passive PA Speakers
"He knows thatmarriage isn't an issue only of traditions or of religious beliefs.Marriage is a natural institution that supports the union of twopeople of different sexes because it has a procreativefunction." Obama's words are likely to draw increasing reaction. "Thereis no doubt that this is going to have an impact, especially forconservative leaders who look to the US much more than ... toprogressive leaders on this continent, says Mr. Cazal of Somosgay.
It is going to place the issue on the agenda and it is going togenerate a debate in Latin America and around the world, says Ms.Corral from LAPOP. Get daily or weekly updates from delivered to yourinbox. Sign up today .

Bp oil spill settlement grants will pay for health, mental healthservices on gulf coast.

BP also will finance the creation of an online library ofinformation about the spill. The Primary Care project will be led by the New Orleans-basedLouisiana Public Health Institute, a nonprofit focusing onimproving health care access through public-private partnerships,foundations, academia, community groups and private businesses; andthe New Orleans-based Alliance Institute, a nonprofit aimed atproviding residents with the tools to participate in publicinstitutions. In Louisiana, services will targeted underserved residents of NewOrleans, Jefferson, St. Bernard, Plaquemines, Lafourche, Terrebonneand Cameron parishes. "At the end of the program, Gulf coastal communities will havehigher quality care, more sustainable and more responsive andinterlinked health care services, especially as it relates toprimary care, environmental health and mental and behavioral healthservices, " said the institute's Eric Baumgartner, who will be theproject's leader. DJ PA Speakers
The project will start with a comprehensive survey of health careneeds, Baumgartner said. Assistance will be directed largely atexisting health care centers, rather than the creation of newhospital beds, he said. The Mental and Behavioral Health Capacity Project will be led byLSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans, the University ofSouthern Mississippi, the University of South Alabama and theUniversity of West Florida. LSU Health Services Center PsychiatryDepartment Chairman Dr. Howard Osofsky and Pediatric Mental HealthDivision Head Dr. Loudspeaker Management System Manufacturer
Joy Osofsky will oversee the Louisiana portion ofthe project. Dr. Howard Osofsky is a professor of psychiatry and Dr. Joy Osofskyis a professor of pediatrics, psychiatry and public health. Passive PA Speakers Manufacturer
'Out in the field' "We'll be out in the field, providing training and consultationservices as needed with federally qualified health care centers andcommunity health clinics, " said Dr. Joy Osofsky. Her project alsowill aim at training existing professionals in clinics and schoolsto identify mental health and behavioral needs. Osofsky said the project is especially important in its focus onreaching out to children and their families, with an aim of earlyprevention or intervention for mental and behavioral healthproblems. Mental health needs in coastal communities affected by the spillare significant, according to surveys of 2,000 Louisiana coastalresidents conducted by the Health Sciences Center's Psychiatrystaff, and similar studies in Alabama, Florida and Mississippi,said the report outlining the grant programs.
Those surveys found that coastal residents affected by the spillwere experiencing more mental and behavioral health problems thanthose who were not affected. Among Louisiana residents surveyed, 19 percent of those affected bythe spill reported concerns about post-traumatic stress disorder,compared to only 3 percent of those not affected, and 37 percent ofthose affected by the spill reported indications of depression,compared to only 10 percent of those not affected. Louisiana will receive $14.4 million, or 40 percent of the mentaland behavioral health grant. Alabama and Mississippi will bothreceive $8.28 million or 23 percent, and the Florida panhandle willreceive $5.04 million, or 14 percent. The money will be spent over five years, with the largest chunk,$12 million, spent in the program's second year.

Minister heng offers tips on selecting the right school for yourchild - China Loudspeaker Management System

SINGAPORE - A neighbourhood school can be a good school for yourchild too, is what Minister Heng Swee Keat hopes more parents canbelieve in. The Lianhe Wanbao reported on Sunday how many parents think that abrand-name school is far superior to a neighbourhood school -- amind-set that Minister Heng is seeking to change. While he understands that many parents want to get the bestpossible education for their children, but Mr Heng stressed that abrand-name school may not be the most suitable environment for yourchild. "If we accept that all kids are different, a school that suitschild A, may not be right for child B," said Mr Heng. Outdoor PA Speakers
In the interview with Wanbao, Mr Heng shared four anecdotes andoffered tips on what parents should look out for instead whenchoosing a school for their child. 1. High-scorer? A brand-name school may not be for you Mr Heng shared a story of how a man's daughter had just met theminimum entry requirements for a top school. However, the mandecided to send her to a neighbourhood school instead, as hethought competition may be too stiff at the brand-name school. China Loudspeaker Management System
Read also: » Teacher quality more important than class size: Heng Swee Keat » No policy to ban holiday homework: Heng Swee Keat Instead of struggling to compete with other top students, the manthought his daughter may flourish instead in a neighbourhoodschool, said Mr Heng. 2. An old school need not be bad Mr Heng revealed that he once visited an old primary school locatedin the east of Singapore. Enrolment at the school was low, asparents flocked to enroll their children in a newer school in thevicinity. But as a result of the low student population, the principal knewevery child and their family background, and even helped set up anafter-school care centre for needy students. Stage Monitor Speakers Manufacturer
Although the school is old, said Mr Heng, but it offers a cosyenvironment and has its merits. 3. Don't write off 'unpopular' schools On similar visits to schools which have a larger foreign studentpopulation and fewer local kids, Mr Heng noted that students thereshared a broader world view as a result to their exposure todifferent cultures. This would be a valuable asset in the future, said Mr Heng.
4. Your child's character and temperament comes first Mr Heng said he once asked a parent if his daughter is one whowould thrive in a competitive environment, or would do better in amore relaxed environment, with friends to help her. The parent was stumped for a moment, but replied that his daughterdoes not handle stress well, and enjoys spending time with herfriends. Mr Heng then advised the parent to consider sending his daughter toa school that will be best-suited for her.

Grand am prototypes - gurney and fogarty look for win at belle isle - China DJ PA Speakers

Grand Am Prototypes - Gurney And Fogarty Look For Win At Belle Isle DETROIT, Jun 1, 2012: GAINSCO/Bob Stallings Racing, and driversAlex Gurney and Jon Fogarty, will visit the Motor City determinedto get their 2012 season back on track in the No. 99 GAINSCO AutoInsurance Corvette Daytona Prototype in this weekend'sChevrolet Detroit GRAND-AM 200 at the Chevrolet Detroit Belle IsleGrand Prix. Following practice and qualifying on Friday, thefeatured two-hour Chevrolet Detroit GRAND-AM 200 sprint race can beseen live on SPEED, this Saturday, June 2, at 5 p.m. EDT/2 p.m.PDT.
Despite some competitive showings in the year's opening fourraces, GAINSCO has failed to finish the last two events and placeda distant 13th in the season-opening Rolex 24 At Daytona. Theteam's lone highlight of the season so far has been asecond-place finish at Barber Motorsports Park in March. "We've dug ourselves quite a hole points-wise and that'sgoing to make it very difficult in this year's championship,"Gurney said. "Stranger things have happened though, so wewon't count ourselves out of the title race until all the pointsare added up.
We had some encouraging signs at New Jersey though asour pace on old tires was relatively very good. We definitelylearned something there that should benefit us the rest of theseason." Gurney was running second in the most recent race at New JerseyMotorsports Park, and looking at a possible victory, only to betaken out by rival Scott Pruett with less than an hour to go in therace. That disappointment followed a mechanical retirement one raceearlier at Homestead-Miami Speedway that put the No. 99 GAINSCO"Red Dragon" on the sidelines just 30 minutes into therace. "We probably need to go on a small winning streak to get backinto the points race, and Detroit obviously would be the perfectplace to make it happen," Gurney said. DJ PA Speakers
"Chevrolet hasmade a huge effort in bringing this race to life and we want to bethe team that delivers them a win." The GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series is making its Detroit debut,but Gurney and Fogarty each have some experience racing at BelleIsle. "It's been a while since my one outing atDetroit," Gurney said. "I raced there when I firststarted in 1998 in Barber Dodge but I know they've changed theconfiguration of the track a little. It will still be nice to havesome familiarity with the circuit. China DJ PA Speakers
I've watched some videos andtried to pick out some reference points, but we'll certainly walkthe track the day before practice and get ourselves orientedagain." Detroit is also the first GRAND-AM Rolex Series "shortweekend" of the season after the year's opening racesfeatured three and in some cases four full days of on-trackpractice, qualifying and racing. Sharing the weekend card with theIndyCar Series has made the Rolex Series race a two-day event butGurney thinks the team may actually find the tight scheduledadvantageous. "I think the shorter weekend will be a plus for us as wethink we've arrived at a place setup-wise where we don't have to dotoo much tuning," Gurney said. "We feel we havesomething that will work at most tracks. Jon and I have built upquite a bit of experience over the years so we both feel we don'tneed much time in the car to feel comfortable at any track." The addition of Detroit and a race at Indianapolis Motor Speedwaythis season adds to what GAINSCO and its drivers already consideran ideal GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series schedule. Full Range Loudspeakers Manufacturer
"Just look at the remaining races on our calendar, it is veryspecial," Gurney said. "I think the GRAND-AM RolexSports Car Series schedule is a road racer's dream. We arehitting nearly every mega track in the country and the Belle Islestreet course in Detroit is another excellent addition.".

Prenatal pollution exposure dangerous for children with asthma - Peripheral Device

The study will be presented at the ATS 2012 InternationalConference in San Francisco. "In this study, we found thatprenatal exposures to airborne particles and the pollutant nitrogendioxide adversely affect pulmonary function growth among asthmaticchildren between 6 and 15 years of age," said study leadauthor Amy Padula, PhD, post-doctoral fellow at the University ofCalifornia, Berkeley. "This analysis adds to the evidence thatmaternal exposure to ambient air pollutants can have persistenteffects on lung function development in children with asthma." The study was conducted as part of the Fresno Asthmatic Children'sEnvironment Study (FACES) -- Lifetime Exposure initiative, whichexamines the influence of prenatal exposure to a number of ambientair pollutants on the growth of lung function during childhood andteen years in a high pollution area. For this analysis, the researchers included repeated evaluations of162 asthmatic children between the ages of 6 and 15 and theirmothers. To determine prenatal exposure levels to pollution, themothers' residences during pregnancy were geocoded and pollutantconcentrations were obtained from the Aerometric InformationRetrieval System supported by the U.S. DJ PA Speakers
Environmental ProtectionAgency (EPA).Monthly average pollutant concentrations were assignedfrom 24-hour averages obtained at a central site monitor andsummaries of the entire pregnancy and each trimester werecalculated. The researchers looked at several pollutants, includingcarbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone and particulate matter. To calculate lung function growth, which is determined primarily bychanges in lung capacity as a child grows, the researchers usedspirometry, a technique which measures the volume and speed of airas it is exhaled from the lungs. For this study, multiple lungfunction tests were performed and significant changes were noted infour measurements: the FVC, or forced vital capacity, whichreflects the volume of air that can be blown out after fullyinhaling; the FEV1, or forced expiratory volume in 1 second, whichis the volume of air that can forcibly be blown out in one second,after fully inhaling; the FEF, or forced expiratory flow, whichreflects the flow of air coming out of the lungs during the middleportion of a forced exhalation; and the PEF, or peak expiratoryflow, which is the maximal flow achieved when air is forciblyexhaled immediately after being inhaled. Peripheral Device
Measurement models were performed separately for boys and forgirls, and were adjusted for height, age, race and socioeconomicstatus. At the conclusion of the study, the researchers found that exposureto nitrogen dioxideduring the first and second trimesters wasassociated with lower pulmonary function growth in both girls andboys in childhood. Among girls, exposure to nitrogen dioxide duringthe first trimester was associated with lower FEV1 growth andexposure to nitrogen dioxideduring the second trimester wasassociated with lower FEF growth. Among boys, nitrogen dioxideexposure during the first and second trimesters of pregnancy wasassociated with lower FVC growth. Exposure to particulate matterduring the first trimester was associated with lower FEV1 and FVCgrowth in girls; similar exposures during the third trimester wereassociated with lower PEF and FEF growth among boys. Active PA Speakers
"This finding adds to the evidence that current air pollutionlevels continue to have adverse effects on human health," Dr.Padula said. "Few studies have examined prenatal exposure toair pollution and subsequent lung function in childhood. Theseresults suggest that we need to be doing a better job to reducetraffic-related air pollution. Dr.
Padula said she and her colleagues hope to conduct futurestudies on the role of genetic susceptibility to air pollution. "Currently, our studies are examining the associations betweenprenatal air pollution and adverse birth outcomes," she noted."It would be useful to know what makes some people more orless susceptible to the adverse affects of air pollution so wemight be able to provide more targeted public health advice.".

Vermont forest service employee named regional law enforcementofficer of the year

For Immediate Release May 10, 2012 Contact: Ethan Ready 802-747-6760 ROCHESTER RESIDENT PUT COMMUNITY BEFORE SELF IN EARLY TROPICALSTORM IRENE RECOVERY EFFORT RUTLAND, VT. U.S. Forest Service (USFS) officials announced todaythat Michael Klingensmith has been named the Eastern Region s 2011Law Enforcement Officer of the Year. Klingensmith has served as alaw enforcement officer assigned to the Rochester and MiddleburyRanger Districts of the Green Mountain National Forest since 2000.He served as a U.S.
Park Ranger for the National Park Service forten years before joining the U.S. Forest Service. Klingensmith is being recognized not only for demonstrating asignificant commitment to the agency and his profession, but alsofor earning the respect of his peers, the public and members ofcooperating law enforcement agencies. Klingensmith sprofessionalism and dedication to public service is obvious tothose that know and work with him.
In August 2011 the remnants of tropical stormIrene caused extensiveroad and bridge washouts, knocking out power and phone lines andheavily damaging many homes. Several small communities within theRochester Ranger District were without power and were notaccessible by road for a week or more. In the initial response tothe devastation caused by tropical storm Irene, Klingensmith andthe Rochester District Ranger, Greg Smith, scouted and identifiedpossible ingress and egress routes for multiple medical situationsand identified routes suitable for carry out evacuation of timecritical patients across mountain roads that had not been used fordecades. Michael s response in the crisis that followed Tropical StormIrene is a testament to his professionalism and his ability to getthings done. DJ PA Speakers
His actions were critical to keeping employees andmembers of the local community safe and informed, said Mary King,Special Agent in Charge for Forest Service s Eastern RegionalOffice in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Through Michael s leadership andresourcefulness we were able to not only serve the public butreassure them that emergency relief, equipment and supplies were onthe way, relieving some of their stress regarding immediate needsfor assistance, added King. A single Vermont State Trooper was the only other law enforcementofficer in the area. The Trooper and Klingensmith made dozens ofinitial contacts and checks on people with critical needs, using alist that had been generated through the State Emergency OperationsCenter and routed via radio to Klingensmith. Pro Audio Subwoofer
Because ofKlingensmith s knowledge of the Incident Command System, theVermont State Police requested that he set up Incident Command inthe community of Stockbridge. Klingensmith organized publicmeetings, set up an emergency shelter, food and fuel distributionsystems, two helispots, and a communications hub using a satelliteinternet connection in a private residence. While his friends andneighbors were reeling from the storm, Klingensmith rose above thecall of duty and worked with municipal leaders to organize asuccessful and safe relief effort in their devastated communities. Michael s integration of the work of the Forest Service withthose of the local community earned both him, and our agency, animmense amount of respect for our mission and our capabilities, said Colleen Madrid, Forest Supervisor for the Green Mountain andFinger Lakes National Forests. Following Irene, Michaeldemonstrated an unusually high degree of stamina and willingness togo above and beyond the call of duty. Passive PA Speakers Manufacturer
His actions are mostdefinitely deserving of recognition as Forest Service Regional LawEnforcement Officer of the Year, concluded Madrid. Klingensmith, his wife, and family live in Rochester, Vermont wherethey are active in the community.

Ed anderson's 'tee to green': goble claims table mountain women'sclub title - Stage Monitor Speakers Manufacturer

Rich Donk had the low gross round in the second flight. ChuckAnderson was first in the net category. Significant achievement Chuck Anderson scored his first career ace, after 50 years oftrying, on the No. 16 hole at Tuscan Ridge GC while participatingin the NCGA net qualifying event. Passive PA Speakers
Anderson's ace was surely afactor in his first-place finish in the net division of the secondflight. Anderson's 136-yard, 8-iron tee shot was witnesseddisappearing into the cup by his playing companions Mike Buxton andMark Bradford. Hal Currier scored a hole-in-one on the No. 3 hole at Canyon OaksCC. Currier's perfect 8-iron tee shot was witnessed by RalphArellano, Don Spring, Don Fowler and Larry Long. Stage Monitor Speakers Manufacturer
Terry Taylor had no fewer than six birdies during his great roundof 75 to win low gross honors, for the second year in a row, in theCanyon Oaks CC Senior Open Tournament. Acknowledgement The Durham High School golf team coaches, Colleen Coutts and MarkBender, want to thank the Bidwell Park Golf Course, the Skyway GolfPark and The Practice Tee at Sunset Hills for the generous use oftheir practice facilities and courses. The Durham High golf teamwon the MVL league title for the second year in a row. Tribute to Elsie McLean Elsie McLean was a legend in her own time and the mainstay of theBidwell Park GC Women's Golf Club a long, long time. As a tributeto Elsie and to perpetuate her memory, a memorial scholarship,sponsored by the Bidwell Women's Golf Club, is being established.The scholarship will be awarded annually to a member of the ChicoState women's golf team. China Outdoor PA Speakers
Anyone desiring to make a contributionshould make their check payable to the BWCG (Elsie) and mail it tothe BWGC, 3199 Golf Course Road, Chico, CA 95973. Please call PatVan Dyke, 514-6834, if you have questions. See Scoreboard for additional local golf results. Ed Anderson's local golf column appears Tuesdays. He can be reachedby writing to P.O.
Box 839, Chico, CA 95927, or by emailing

Muslim brotherhood claims lead in egypt presidential vote - Pro Audio Subwoofer Manufacturer

The Muslim Brotherhood is claiming a lead in Egypt's historicpresidential elections after polls closed on Thursday and votecounting began. A Brotherhood spokesperson said exit polls conducted by the party'scampaign workers all over Egypt suggested Brotherhood candidateMohammed Morsi is out front of the rest of the pack. Thereliability of the party's exit polls could not be confirmed butseveral regional television stations were reporting a lead forMorsi, with Hamdeen Sabahi and Ahmed Shafiq battling it out forsecond place. There are 13 candidates in the race including liberals,Islamists and former regime figures to elect a successor toHosni Mubarak, the longtime authoritarian ruler who was oustedduring the Arab Spring more than a year ago.
Shafiq and Amr Moussa are the two leading secular contenders andare both veterans of Mubarak's regime Shafiq as prime ministerand Moussa as foreign minister. Abdel-Moneim Abolfotoh, a moderate Islamist whose inclusiveplatform has won him the support of some liberals, leftists andminority Christians, is the other leading Islamist candidate alongwith the Brotherhood's Morsi. Hamdeen Sabahi is a leftist candidate who has emerged in recentdays as a dark horse. His popularity lies with Egyptians who wantan alternative to an Islamist or a former Mubarak regime member. Voter turnout slowed second day CBC's Derek Stoffel visited four polling stations in the capitalCairo, but said most appeared deserted.
The Associated Press saidthere were lineups in a few areas during the morning and thegovernment had given people the day off work to encourage a goodturnout. Voting began on Wednesday and some people started lining up onehour before polls opened. Long lineups were reported, but theprocess appeared to have been going smoothly. The two-day vote marked the end of decades of authoritarian rule,although concerns remained that the nation's military rulers whotook over in February would try to retain influence. Egyptians werehopeful as they waited patiently for their chance to cast a ballotin the Arab world's first competitive presidential election. Live PA Speakers
"The revolution has won us the right to freely elect ourpresident," said Doaa Nasr, referring to the 18-day uprising thattoppled Mubarak's 29-year regime 15 months ago. No candidate was expected to win more than 50 per cent of the vote,setting up a run-off between the two top finishers that is expectedto be held June 16-17. A winner will be announced on June 21. Power transfer expected by July 1 The generals who took over after Mubarak's ouster have promised totransfer power to a civilian government by July 1, ending a raucoustransition period which saw a flareup of deadly street clashes, afaltering economy and a dramatic surge in crime. Pro Audio Subwoofer Manufacturer
Many are hoping the new president can help alleviate a number ofproblems facing Egyptians, including high unemployment and fuelshortages. However, it's not entirely clear what powers Mubarak's successorwill have as the country's constitution is being rewritten. "At this point, it s a bit of a work in progress and a bit of aleap of faith," CBC's Sasa Petricic reported from Cairo. He said the mood in the country was upbeat as Egyptians cast theirballots in an election that has been called the freest and fairestin the country's history. China PA Power Amplifier
Some at the polling stations broke outinto spontaneous debate about the merits of particular candidates,Petricic reported. The election comes less than two weeks before a judge is to handdown his decision following the lengthy trial of Mubarak, 84, oncharges of complicity in the killing of some 900 protesters duringthe uprising. He also faced corruption charges, along with his two sons, formerheir apparent Gamal and wealthy businessman Alaa. With files from The Associated Press.

Us: the changing culture (or lack thereof) in foodborne illnessinvestigations - Stage Monitor Speakers Manufacturer

Posted: May 20th, 2012 - 12:38pm Source: Leavitt Partners Does rapid pathogen testing help or hurt? With foods and ingredients moving across continents, the globalnature of our food supply means that foodborne illness associatedwith a particular product can present at low levels throughout theUnited States or the world. PulseNet facilitates the identificationof potentially related cases of foodborne illness, and the power ofthat technique—based on methodology that is now more than 20years old—has been a game changer in the world of outbreakinvestigations. It looks like the game is about to change again. In my position as Panel Manager for the USDA NIFA Small BusinessInnovative Research program, I"ve seen numerous proposalsseeking funds to advance the development of rapid methods for thedetection of foodborne pathogens. The benefits are obvious: themore quickly you can identify if a food is contaminated, the morequickly actions can be taken to ensure that the food does not reachconsumers.
However, the theme of the "Culture IndependentDiagnostics Forum" meeting held in Atlanta, GA, in late Aprilcast a bleaker vision of a world where rapid methods increase inprevalence—at the expense of culture-dependent methods thatfeed systems like PulseNet. The roughly 150 attendees at a recent APHL/CDC/CSTE sponsoredmeeting on the topic of "culture independentdiagnostics" were predominately those from the public healthand clinical laboratories. Speakers painted a picture illustratingthat the reliance on rapid clinical methods to confirm thediagnosis of illness in a patient meant that the longer, morelaborious (and seemingly duplicative) confirmatory tests thatyielded a culture would be abandoned. Without thisculture—the spot on the plate—tests like Pulsed FieldGel Electrophoresis that yield the molecular fingerprints fed toPulseNet would cease to exist, and several suggested that we wouldrevert to conducting investigations the way they were conducted 50years ago. In the past six years, PulseNet has identified outbreaks associatedwith 15 foods that had never before been associated with outbreaks.Perhaps some members of the food industry reminisce about the daysthat their products were considered "low risk" andyearn for the inability to definitively link pathogens in theenvironment, food, animals, and people.
I sincerely hope that withthe focus on prevention, industry would welcome the knowledge andinsight gained by better understanding how different strains andserovars of pathogens move through the environment so they canbetter defend their food against contamination. My observation is that these "culture independent"rapid methods are further developed in the clinical communitycompared to food applications where matrices and inhibitors presentmany challenges. This is unfortunate, since the food industry couldbenefit from such advances. While testing cannot assure that allproducts are safe, testing is an important step in verifying theeffectiveness of preventive controls. Given that several foodsassociated with outbreaks are also highly perishable, it would beadvantageous to be able to quickly test foods rather than expendingprecious shelf life time waiting for laboratory results. Passive PA Speakers
Often, a"presumptive" positive is enough to warrant thedisposition of the product, and last week we reported that a"presumptive positive" of a regulatory sample is enoughfor FSIS to initiate a traceback investigation. Some food companiesmay have the resources to conduct follow up tests in the event of apositive finding, to better understand the issue, but this is theexception, not the norm. On the clinical side, in many cases, uponfinding a positive rapid test, clinical labs will not follow upwith a "reflex culture" (a secondary, culture-basedtest) because they will not be reimbursed by insurance companiesfor their effort. There is a potential conflict in testing between the food world andthe clinical world. While the food industry would benefit from morerapid methods, enabling tests to be conducted by less skilled staffthan conventional food microbiology, it was pointed out that iftests become too easy to use in the clinical environment, theresults of a test conducted in a doctor"s office may not besubmitted to public health agencies. Stage Monitor Speakers Manufacturer
Clearly, outbreaks can"tbe identified if data aren"t fed into the system. So what maybe an advantage in the food world could have a negative impact onpublic health in the clinical world, regarding outbreakidentification, yet could still provide good individual patientmanagement. There are concerns about the validity and interpretation of resultsof culture-independent methods by the food industry. Many CriticalControl Points kill pathogens, and there is concern that some testmethods may detect viable as well as non-viable organisms. Live PA Speakers
Somecould argue that there is value in knowing that the productinitially contained pathogens, so that controls could be movedfurther upstream to prevent an initial contamination, but from theregulatory perspective, only a food containing viable pathogensable to cause illness are of concern. Unfortunately, none of the companies who manufacture these testspresented their perspectives. However, after one panel discussion,a manufacturer did ask the obvious question: "As cliniciansand public health professionals, what is desired in a test kit? Doyou want differentiation down to a strain/serotype level, or do youwant multiplexing?" There wasn"t a clear answer, asmost presenters seemed content to continue the status quo incollecting cultures. How would the food industry respond to this question? Are the needsdifferent? Should the conversation that occurred within the publichealth community also take place jointly with the food industry? Iwould suggest that it should, given that there was but one foodindustry member present at the meeting. Reinforcement from the foodcommunity about the value of being able to differentiate strains ofpathogens, which may rule you "in" or "out"of an investigation, should be voiced.
If suddenly we only testedfor "Salmonella" without a serotype or PFGE pattern,would we even be able to tell if there was an outbreak? If therewas a marked uptick in cases of salmonellosis, how would you knowwho was a part of the outbreak compared to the baseline? Given thehigh number of cases of salmonellosis annually, how would you knowwho to collect food histories from? If you went the route oftesting food and found some that were positive for Salmonella, howwould you know if it was associated with an outbreak? How manyproducts, brands, and industries could be damaged? While it"sgreat to develop a rapid test so that a doctor rapidly knows"yes, it"sSalmonella" or a food company can makea quick decision about the safety of a product, many of these testscurrently provide no big-picture information for the control ofwhat might be an outbreak. If there is a move toward culture-independent methods, does thismean the end of PulseNet or some next generation of PulseNet? Ican"t imagine that will happen (although questions wereraised regarding the "next generation" of PulseNet andthe potential to rely on newer methods). However, we do need tothink through the unintended consequences of advances in this area.Given the great ingenuity often demonstrated in how these methodswork, I am confident that by raising awareness of the issue,we"ll find a workable solution. I hope that in "round2" of this discussion, all stakeholders — public healthand clinical communities, food industry members, test kitdevelopers, and others — convene to discuss how we can worktogether to ensure that we use the best technology possible toprevent foodborne illness.

Japan local assembly ok’s reactor restarts, hurdles remain - China Line Array PA System

The assembly in a western Japanese town that hosts a nuclear plant agreed on Monday it was necessary to restart two off-linereactors, domestic media said, the first such nod since all thecountry's stations were halted after the Fukushima crisis. With power shortages looming in the region when demand peaks thissummer, the central government has been trying to win approval fromtowns and prefectures that host reactors. All 50 reactors areoff-line since the last one shut down for maintenance on May 5. The government is set to urge businesses and consumers in KansaiElectric Power Co's service area in western Japan to makevoluntary power cuts of 15 percent this summer to cope withshortages, media reported. That would avoid the mandatory restrictions imposed in some regionslast year after the Fukushima crisis, the worst since Chernobyl in1986, with three reactors suffering meltdowns after the plant washit by a huge earthquake and tsunami. Outdoor PA Speakers
The central government last month said reactors No. 3 and No. 4 atKansai Electric Power Co's plant in Ohi, Fukui prefecture,360 km (225 miles) west of Tokyo, were safe to restart. Officials must still persuade a wary public – includingresidents of regions close enough to be at risk from a nuclearaccident but too distant to reap economic rewards – that aresumption is safe. China Line Array PA System
Delays in setting up a new nuclear regulatoryagency due to disputes in parliament have further spooked voters. Members of the Ohi town assembly noted that many residents stillhad concerns about safety, but most local lawmakers felt restartswere essential for the town's economy, Kyodo news agencyreported. Ohi received about 2.5 billion yen ($31 million)in subsidies in thefinancial year to March 2010 related to Kansai Electric'sfour reactors. Many jobs also depend in some way on the plant. Wary neighbours The central government has no legal obligation to win localapproval, but is unlikely to proceed with restarts without theagreement of the host town and prefectural government. Live PA Speakers Manufacturer
It is uncertain, though, whether Tokyo authorities would overrideopposition from nearby prefectures with public opinion divided. A weekend survey by the pro-nuclear power Yomiuri newspaper showedthat 45 percent of respondents backed restarting reactors deemedsafe and an equal number were opposed. Ohi Mayor Shinobu Tokioka will take the assembly's view intoaccount but intends to wait for a ruling by a prefectural panel ofexperts on safety before conveying a decision to Fukui GovernorIssei Nishikawa, Kyodo said. That decision could come this week.
Some critics say the government is making undue haste to getreactors up and running because surviving peak summer demandwithout nuclear power would make it hard to convince the publicthat atomic energy is vital. Environmental group Greenpeace said the government's"reckless push" to get reactors back in service"has left many communities thinking they have to choosebetween risks to their health and safety, and risks to their jobsand prosperity. "Japan is surviving without nuclear power and can continue todo so with proper energy demand management and leadership from thegovernment," Greenpeace added. Nuclear power produced nearly30 percent of Japan's electricity before the crisis. Thegovernment is working on a energy mix policy it hopes to unveilthis summer, replacing a programme that had aimed to boost theshare of atomic power to more than 50 percent by 2030.

String of burglaries, larcenies instigate fear in off-campusstudents, residents - China Peripheral Device

With an increase in burglaries and larceny in Oswego, city policeaim to educate the public on keeping their belongings safe,especially when away for extended breaks. Between Feb. 23 and 26, three individuals were charged with sixcounts of petit larceny separately. Then within the last monththere have been a string of grand larcenies, petit larcenies andburgalaries. All crimes which occur within the city are of concern to theOswego City Police Department, at all times, said Capt.
MichaelBeckwith of the Oswego Police Department. Burglaries cause anincreased level of concern and receive more investigative attentionthan other, lesser crimes. Burglaries are felony crimes and aretypically assigned to our Criminal Investigations Division forfurther investigation. Burglaries are even more alarming when they occur in occupiedresidences.
In cases when residences are occupied, safety concernsare high. Although there have been no reported injuries as a resultof recent burglaries, police worry that they could potentially leadto a victim s encounter with perpetrators. Beckwith said that petit larceny involves the theft of property,which could even include stealing an item from a store. Grandlarceny is another level where the value of property exceeds$1,000. Another example of grand larceny would be the theft of acredit or debit card. Live PA Speakers
One grand larceny case this month was the theft of a credit card.However, Beckwith said identity theft is not a factor with thetheft. He added that few Oswego State students are the perpetrators inthese offenses. Typically a student charged with larceny is the result of sometype of petit theft as opposed to burglary, Beckwith said. Although few Oswego State students have taken part in the recentthefts, many have a history of falling victim to these crimes. China Peripheral Device
Onepressing issue is college breaks. Students go home for weeks at atime for holiday breaks, leaving their personal belongingsunattended without any safe place to protect their items. Jessica Panicola, a senior art education major, resides off campusand is often scared by the stories of Oswego State students losingtheir valued belongings due to burglary. Due to poor home security, many off-campus student-housingproperties become popular targets. Beckwith said that there havebeen cases where burglary has increased during college breaks. China Loudspeaker Management System
Kelsey Barrick, a senior art major, was a victim of burglary. Overthe 2011 summer break, her off-campus home was broken into andpersonal items were stolen. It was a laptop, an iHome, iPod, food from the cupboard and acell phone, basically everything, Barrick said. Barrick said one of her housemates was staying in the home over thesummer, meaning the perpetrator knew enough of the resident sschedule to calculate a time during the day to strike.
It made me feel like someone was watching me and it freaked meout, Barrick said. The majority of items stolen are usually electronic devices, suchas laptop computers, video game systems, cell phones, digitalcameras, etc., Beckwith said. Anything of value is a potentialtarget, and we often see cash and jewelry stolen as well. Beckwith said that one factor of the surge in theft is the increasein drug activity.
Drug users often commit burglaries and larcenies in order toobtain items which can be sold for cash to support theiraddiction, Beckwith said. Beckwith states they are looking for ways to educate the city onmore efficient preventive methods to reduce the streak of theft.One suggestion Beckwith offered was to install exterior lighting asa deterrent. Another was to secure valuable items if residents planon being away for an extended period of time. Documenting aninventory list that includes the serial numbers and other keydescriptions of valuable items may also help.

Ecb to keep pressure on governments, could signal rate cut - Peripheral Device Manufacturer

FRANKFURT | Tue Jun 5, 2012 8:44pm EDT FRANKFURT (Reuters) - The European Central Bank is expected to holdback from policy moves when it meets on Wednesday, instead urginggovernments to address the euro zone's crisis, but it couldindicate a readiness to cut interest rates as early as next monthgiven a weakening economy and Spain's banking troubles. The ECB is widely seen as the only institution capable of immediateaction on behalf of the currency bloc, raising pressure on the bankto announce new measures after its meeting - which will be held aday earlier than usual due to a holiday. The bank's dilemma is that if does too much, pressure forgovernment action falls. Yet if it does nothing, troubled sovereigndebtors could find it harder and harder to finance themselves ormaintain confidence in the banks that have bought much of theirdebt.
Consequently, the ECB is likely to keep its weapons holstereduntil after the EU summit at the end of June. Even then, the measures it is most likely to take are ones which itviews as being most directly in its purview and that help theeconomy and ease pressure on banks, without letting governments offthe hook: an interest rate cut and an additional ultra-long termloan, similar to the two 3-year offers it has already made. Andthese are likely to be dependent on summit decisions. "They are likely to signal the possibility of rate cuts andadditional (long-term refinancing loans for banks) if progress ismade on the political front," Citigroup strategist Steven Englandersaid in a note.
"Investors are likely to view it as the ECB using the policies theyare comfortable with, rather than the ones that will be effective." RATE RELIEF Forward-looking indicators have been dismal over the past month andbusiness surveys showed on Tuesday that all the euro zone's majoreconomies are in decline - even Germany is no longer immune. But the ECB traditionally seeks to prepare markets for such policymoves, and President Mario Draghi told the May news conference theGoverning Council had not talked about cutting rates. "We did not discuss any specific move on interest rates but wecertainly discussed our general monetary policy stance, which wefound accommodative," Draghi said last month. In a Reuters poll, 11 out of 73 economists expect the ECB to cutrates on Wednesday and 27 - up from 14 just two weeks ago - see adecrease by the end of the year. ECB/INT While ECB policymakers have recently stressed that they are closeto their policy limit, they also want to avoid appearingdisengaged, and could signal they are ready to cut rates from thealready record-low level of 1.0 percent next month. Active PA Speakers
"We doubt that the ECB will cut interest rates as soon as Wednesday- although it is not inconceivable given the euro zone's heightenedeconomic and sovereign debt problems," IHS Global Insight economistHoward Archer said in a note. "But we do now think it is highly likely that the ECB will cutinterest rates to 0.75 percent in the third quarter." Adding to calls for ECB action, International Monetary FundManaging Director Christine Lagarde said the ECB has room to cutinterest rates. If the ECB signaled a rate cut, it could also indicate a drop inits deposit rate to zero from the current 0.25 percent, todiscourage banks from parking the cheap funds they have borrowedfrom the ECB back at the central bank. But some analysts question the efficacy of rate cuts. "It is hard to think that the euro's problems result from too higha refi rate," Citigroup's Englander said. Peripheral Device Manufacturer
PAIN IN SPAIN Spain said on Tuesday that it was getting priced out of creditmarkets. Finance chiefs of the Group of Seven major economies heldemergency talks as the debt crisis honed in on the bloc's fourthlargest economy, whose autonomous regions have overspent and whosebanks and homeowners are laden with bad debts from a burst propertybubble. Despite Spanish pleas for the ECB to restart its bond-buyingprogram, Draghi is likely to stick unflinching to his line that theprogram is still ongoing - even though the central bank has notbought any bonds in the past three months. However, one measure it could take on a short notice is to furtherloosen the rules against which it lends funds to banks. This wouldopen up reliable funding to banks that are being shunned by otherlenders in the money market - but even here, the ECB wants to waituntil after the summit. Line Array PA System
The ECB is universally expected to extend its unlimited provisionof loans in liquidity operations. So far, the promise runs untilJuly, and the ECB will offer to give banks all the money theyrequest until the end of the year or even longer. The ECB will also publish its next set of staff economic forecasts,which analysts expect to show somewhat lower growth for this yearand next but to leave inflation estimates largely unchanged. In March, the ECB forecast the economy would shrink 0.1 percentthis year, bouncing back to 1.1 growth in 2013. Prices were seenrising 2.4 percent in 2012 and 1.6 percent next year.
Especially interesting will be the estimate for next year'sinflation. Even a minor downward revision would put it well belowthe ECB's goal of just below 2 percent and drum up calls for deepercuts in interest rates.

Star of italian drama 'reality' turns in breakout performance atcannes from behind bars

CANNES, France – The breakout performance at the Cannes Film Festival this year isAniello Arena's turn as a Naples fishmonger who becomes obsessedwith appearing on a "Big Brother"-style TV show in "Reality." But the star will not be walking the red carpet at the Italianmovie's gala premiere Friday. He'll be where he has been for twodecades — in prison. Arena is riveting in the film by "Gomorrah" director Matteo Garrone— lively, likable and lost — and many viewers wereastonished to learn he is a lifer who has worked for a decade withthe respected Fortezza prison theater company but has neverappeared in a feature film. "I wanted him to appear in 'Gomorrah,' but the judge wouldn't allowit," said Garrone, whose bloody crime drama won Cannes' secondprize in 2008. "We received the authorization for him to appear inthe film (Reality) but he was not allowed to come here to Cannes." Garrone said the absence was "not too bitter a disappointment" forArena, because the movie's success means he can continue acting.Movie publicists would not comment on the nature of his crime. Passive PA Speakers
Incarceration — mental rather than physical — is atheme of the movie, the only Italian entry among 22 contenders forCannes' top prize, the Palme d'Or. Arena plays Luciano, a hustlingbut cheery family man who becomes obsessed with the notion oftelevision fame. Garrone said the film depicts reality TV as "a paradise on Earth— a kind of El Dorado that people want to reach." Enteringthe "Big Brother" house becomes an idea that traps Luciano andgradually takes over his life. The director said the 40-something Arena's exposure to the outsideworld after years behind bars helped him capture the essence of aman who is beguiled by a world that is new to him. Active PA Speakers
"I think you can see that in his eyes and in his look," saidGarrone. "The character had to be portrayed by someone who is quitecandid." It's a departure from "Gomorrah," his blood-soaked portrait ofNaples' ruthless Camorra crime syndicate. Garrone said he spent along time looking for a "powerful subject" for his follow-upfeature before alighting on the idea of a simple tale that wouldallow him to show another slice of Neapolitan life and "portraywith great love a character while denouncing an aspect of society." It's hard not to see the story as a satire on ourcelebrity-obsessed culture, but Garrone wants it to have thetimeless quality of a fable. He compares it to "Pinocchio," thestory of a puppet who yearns to be a real boy. DJ PA Speakers
Luciano is a realman who yearns to be a celebrity. "I don't think I have ever been a very realistic director," Garronesaid. "I talk about reality and then transfigure it, lend anotherdimension — and then it becomes a fable." "Reality" is full of heart and humor — especially from thevoluble, Fellini-esque assortment of characters who make upLuciano's family and neighbors — but it turns darker asLuciano's single-minded pursuit of fame leads to a kind of madness. "Initially our idea was to produce a comedy," said screenwriter UgoChiti.
"I think the comedy evolved ... and turned into a sort oftragedy." ___ Jill Lawless can be reached at

Margolis: in the eb-5 subculture, jay peak finances questioned - Stage Monitor Speakers Manufacturer

Jon Margolis is s political analyst. Is the recently expanded and much-ballyhooed Jay Peak Resort in theNortheast Kingdom facing financial difficulties? Or did a former associate of the resort just get miffed and write asnarky letter that set off inaccurate speculation? Probably the latter, and not just because Bill Stenger, Jay Peak sowner, insists that the resort is doing just fine, and is about35 percent ahead (of last year) in revenues. It s also because James Candido, the state official who keeps tabson the resort s affairs, said he found no issues regarding itsfinances. And perhaps because Douglas Hulme, who started the discussion ofthe resort s situation by announcing that his firm no longer hasconfidence in the financial status of Jay Peak, declinedseveral requests over a three-day period to discuss his allegation. The reason a state official in this case an economic developmentspecialist in the Department of Economic Development (part of theAgency of Commerce and Community Development) is keeping tabs ona private business is that most of the money for Jay Peak s recentexpansion has come from foreigners, via what is known as EB-5, afederal investment program run by the United States citizenship andImmigration Services.
Part of Candido s job is to make sure the various requirements ofthe law are being followed. In return for investing at least $500,000, the foreigners get green cards for themselves and their immediate families,allowing them to live in the United States. To critics, the programamounts to selling U.S. resident status to the wealthy while thenot-so-wealthy are stuck on waiting lists. To advocates, led bySen.
Patrick Leahy, the program provides investments and jobs tocapital-short areas such as the Northeast Kingdom. Both descriptions might be accurate. Either way, what the littleflappette about Jay Peak reveals is that, like many financialschemes, the EB-5 program has created its own subculture acollection of agents, lawyers, financers, consultants, kibitzers(for a fee), and hangers-on, most of whom seem to know one another,at least by reputation, and almost all of them eager to cash in onwhat appears to be an endless flow of cash from well-heeled folksfrom all over the world willing to put up big bucks to getthemselves and their families into the United States. One reason Hulme s angry (and vague) blast at Jay Peak gained sometraction after he emailed it to perhaps 100 immigration lawyers wasthat one of the better-known figures of this subculture, a Floridablogger and financial analyst named Michael Gibson, gave it widercirculation and tried to figure out what had caused the breakbetween Jay Peak and Hulme s firm, Rapid USA Visa, Inc. The firm helped make the connections between the resort andpotential foreign investors. DJ PA Speakers
Several analysts, Gibson wrote, have speculated that it maybe due to the financial condition of the resort due to the largeamounts of capital expenditures and low revenue from the warm winter and low bookings . But both Stenger and Candido noted that while the low bookings may have seemed reasonable conjecture from Gibson s New Yorkperspective, Vermont ski resorts are actually having a good year.Unlike some neighboring states, Vermont has stayed cold enough(until now) for snow-making. Gibson, who did not identify the analysts, was reported to beout of the country and unreachable. According to some observers whofollow the EB-5 world (but who did not want to speak on therecord), Gibson is reliable because his success depends on sellinghis information, creating an incentive for accuracy. Stage Monitor Speakers Manufacturer
But others,who also did not want to be quoted, pointed out that neither JayPeak nor Rapid USA Visa had bought his information, perhapsrendering him less likely to be favorably disposed toward them. The EB-5 program is complex, fast-growing, and therefore open toabuse. In December, the New York Times reported evidence that suggests that in New York, developers and state officials arestretching the rules often relying on gerrymandering techniquesto create development zones that are supposedly in areas of highunemployment and thus eligible for special concessions butactually are in prosperous ones. One of those areas, the Times reported, was the site of theAtlantic Yards project in Brooklyn, which includes a proposed newarena for the National Basketball Association s New Jersey (fornow) Nets. In a 2010 story called, Overselling the American DreamOverseas, Reuters reported on several misstatements to investorsby the developers, including the assertion that New York state sgovernment was involved in the project. Peripheral Device
But even EB-5 s critics acknowledge that the Vermont s EB-5projects there are three others in addition to Jay Peak, andCandido said three more were in the works follow the regulationsand seem to be meeting their goals. One difference is that only in Vermont is the regional center— the federally authorized investment pool that markets theprojects public. The state is the regional center. The other 199regional centers in the country are private, meaning the for-profitprojects are being monitored by another for-profit entity. Jay Peak has more than 400 EB-5 investors, Stenger said, and theirinvestments have helped transform the property from a ski lodgeinto an all-weather, four-season resort with an indoor skatingarena, a water slide, and golf courses.
Stenger said it was thoseindoor winter activities the skating arena and the water slide that helped the resort prosper despite the snow-sparse winter. Considering the lack of specifics in the suggestion that Jay Peakis in some financial trouble, the discussion of Hulme s email isnot likely to do the resort any harm. Nor is it likely to weakensupport for the EB-5 program from Leahy or its other champions. But the program, or at least the part of it that applies to JayPeak, has to be reauthorized before the end of the year, and someof the other revelations of abuses might convince Congress to makesome changes in the way it is monitored and regulated.
Correction: Michael Gibson is from Florida not New York asoriginally reported.

State biologists kill third anchorage bear of summer - Peripheral Device Manufacturer

Anchorage-area biologists for the Alaska Department of Fish andGame and a state wildlife trooper shot and killed a brown bearWednesday evening in the Oceanview neighborhood of the state'slargest citiy, the third bear known to be dispatched this season inthe state's largest city. The young male bear had killed a moose calf in the backyard of ahouse on Clipper Ship Drive and dragged the carcass into anadjacent wooded area. Two days earlier a caller had seen a brownbear, perhaps the same one, about a mile to the west, on WooBoulevard. Surfeit of young brown bears This is the second young brown bear shot in Anchorage over the pastthree days.
The first, which may have been a sibling, was shot June3 after it visited a llama killed by one or more brown bears nearRabbit Creek Road and posed a threat to two miniature ponies. Itwas shot by the llama's owner, Michael Gribbon, who reported seeing twoother brown bears on his property that day. Wildlife authoritieshad shot another young brown bear May 22 near Potter Marsh after it developed a pattern of rushing hikers,a behavior that may have been stimulated by obtaining human foodsin the area. Jessy Coltrane, the area Fish and Game wildlife biologist, said shehad just arrived home after work when she got the call about thelatest bear.
She met her assistant, Dave Battle, and the only wildlife trooperstationed in Anchorage, David Ledford, on a short section ofHuffman Road off Johns Road. They believed the bear was still inthe half-acre wooded area -- but had no idea where. After walking afootpath that traversed the tract without finding the calf carcass,they investigated the edges of a black-spruce bog. That's where they found the bear, about 100 yards from the killsite and about 40 yards from Huffman Road. The bear was crouchedand appeared to be pawing at something on the ground. Live PA Speakers
Moose calves are vulnerable for a short period in June and July.Frequently, a brown bear will kill a calf, eat some of the tastierparts, and then go looking for another. Of course, the bear intendsto come back and finish its meal. Wildlife biologists in Anchorageremove moose carcasses in neighborhoods to prevent bears, which canbe possessive, from injuring anyone who walks near the carcass.Often in these cases the bear doesn't show itself and is presumedabsent, making it easy to drag the calf out of the woods without athreat to bears or biologists. Snap decision to shoot Assuming that this bear was sitting next to the carcass, the threeofficials considered their options. Leaving the bear and carcass inthe wooded area was problematic. Peripheral Device Manufacturer
They were in an area surrounded byhundreds of homes and apartments, and it was possible someone wouldunwittingly enter the wooded lot and be attacked. Because it was ayoung bear, the biologists briefly considered chasing it away.However, it's never a good idea to chase a brown bear through aneighborhood. So Coltrane decided to shoot the bear. She believedleaving the bear in the wooded area surrounded by people wasn'tworth the risk. China Line Array PA System
It was getting dim under the trees, and the three officials werereluctant to approach the bear too closely with its kill in thevicinity. All three carried 12-gauge shotguns loaded with slugs.Trooper Ledford had the best shot. The bear collapsed, butimmediately got up and attempted to walk away. Four or fiveadditional shots were quickly used to immobilize the bear andensure that it was dead. Bears are not easy to kill, and bears believed to be dead have beenknown to jump up and charge the shooter.
The calf carcass was notfound. Wildlife paparazzi Nearby neighbors heard the shots, and a small crowd gathered by thetime the bear carcass was dragged out of the woods. Coltrane hasexpressed frustration this spring over what she calls the "wildlifepaparazzi." The burgeoning use of cellphones for instant messagingcan quickly attract a crowd of interested observers. And, ofcourse, the same cellphones are handy for documenting theexperience with snapshots.
A little bolder than some, one young manasked someone to snap his photo kneeling behind the bear, a poseused by some hunters that's known as a trophy shot. Coltrane toldhim that was not at all appropriate considering the circumstancesunder which the bear had to be shot -- and the fact that he hadn'tshot the bear. Coltrane believes the bear was about 3 years old. She believes,based on calls from the public, that two pair of young brown bearsroamed the Anchorage Hillside last week. After the first bear wasshot, she had one report of the other pair.
She isn't sure if thebear shot Wednesday is a sibling of the bear shot three days beforeor one of the other pair. The latest bear died a little more than 3 miles from the bear shoton the Hillside -- not far from a bear's perspective. Its mostlikely route from the Hillside, avoiding all but a handful of roadcrossings, was down Rabbit or Little Rabbit creek and along thecoast through the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge and Johns Park,located just across Johns Road from the bear's last stand. Rick Sinnott is a former Alaska Department of Fish and Gamewildlife biologist.
Contact him at

Syria crisis causes spike in draft-dodging as young men refuse tofight for regime

TRIPOLI, Lebanon – Approaching his 18th birthday, Hamza, a merchant sailor fromSyria, resigned himself to the fate awaiting him when he reachedadulthood: A year and a half of mandatory military service. Then last year, the uprising against Syrian President Bashar Assaderupted with demonstrations calling for change. Troops dispatchedby Syria's autocratic regime shot protesters and shelled oppositiontowns, killing thousands of civilians. That altered the plan for Hamza, and for a growing number of youngSyrians who are dodging the draft out of fear that military servicewill force them to kill their countrymen — or get killedthemselves.
"I couldn't go because the army is supposed to protect people, butall this army does is protect Assad," said Hamza, now awispy-bearded 19-year-old with thick biceps from his work at sea.He fled Syria this year to Tripoli, a city on Lebanon'sMediterranean coast. Unable to work, he lives in hiding in a smallapartment here with six other draft-dodgers. Young Syrians have long avoided the draft by traveling abroad,cooking up medical excuses or using connections and bribes to gettheir names off the rolls. But anti-regime activists in and outsideSyria say the number has shot up during the 15-month conflict thatthe U.N. says has killed more than 9,000 people.
Some hide out in opposition areas in Syria, avoiding checkpointswhere they could be jailed or conscripted. Others flee the country,opting, at least for now, for an impoverished existence far fromtheir families. The extent of all this is hard to gauge since the Syrian governmentdoes not comment on its military. But in a hint that the army isunder strain, Assad issued an amnesty this month: He gavedraft-dodgers inside the country 90 days to report for duty withoutpunishment, and 120 days to those abroad. The government has not said how many have accepted the offer. Active PA Speakers
So far, the drop in conscripts has not noticeably lessened thestate's advantage over the opposition Free Syrian Army, largelybecause draftees are less committed than professional soldiers. "The guys they call up now are not the guys who are going to stickby them," said Joseph Holliday, an analyst at the Institute for theStudy of War who is studying the Syrian army. "Anyone they can getto fight for them loyally is already taking part." Others warn that efforts to replace draft-dodgers with regimeloyalists will exacerbate sectarian strife. The opposition ismostly Sunni Muslim, while Assad's regime and security forces giveoutsized power to Assad's sect, the Alawites. China Live PA Speakers
Both sides use sectarian appeals to rally their forces, raising therisk that Syria's violence could mirror that which has torn apartits neighbors Lebanon and Iraq in recent decades. "This revolution, which is turning into a civil war along sectarianlines, is only going to become more sectarian as time goes on,"said Syria expert Joshua Landis at the University of Oklahoma. The slaughter of more than 100 people two weeks ago in the Sunniarea of Houla raised the specter of sectarian massacres, with localactivists accusing Alawite thugs of killing villagers at closerange after heavy government shelling. The U.N. condemned thekillings but did not overtly blame the regime. PA Power Amplifier Manufacturer
Draft-dodgers particularly hope to avoid getting caught up in thistype of violence. "Even if you support the government, you know the army is killingpeople, so given the choice to go or not, you won't go," said RamiJarrah, who has four draft-dodgers in his office at the ActivistsNews Association in Cairo. Standard military service is 18 months for a man over 18 who is notan only son. Only sons don't serve.
University and technical schoolstudents can delay their service and do slightly less time. Syrians born abroad can pay $500 not to serve, and those withresidency in other countries can pay $4,000 to $5,000, depending ontheir location. But healthy, Syrian-born men living at home have no way out. Such was the fate of one of Jarrah's colleagues, a 24-year-old fromBanias, who graduated from university just before the uprisingbegan. He bribed the draft office for another short-term studentexemption but was told last October that he had to serve.
"They said there was no way out of it because of what is going on,so I left the country," he said, declining to give his name toprotect his family in Syria. Others, like Hamza, agreed to haveonly their first names published. Like many draft-dodgers, he said his older relatives had served andthat he would have too in normal times. "But now the army is killing its own people, so you have to refuseto go," he said. Most draft-dodger exiles say they won't return to Syria until theregime falls, and many won't renew expired passports, fearing theirembassies will confiscate them until they report for duty.
This leaves them stranded abroad, sometimes as risk of arrest anddeportation. Maher, a roommate of Hamza, dragged his four-year universityprogram out to eight years to avoid the military, but was told lastyear when he tried to renew his passport that he had to enlist.Weeks later, he fled to Lebanon, afraid the military would make himkill other Syrians. "How can an army that was built to fight Israel and liberate theGolan Heights be the same one that is now killing its own people?"said Maher, 27. Lebanon has close ties to Syria, and many Syrian dissidents fearharassment or arrest.
The U.S. Embassy in Lebanon said recently itwas "deeply troubled by reports of disappearances, arrests andintimidation of Syrians in Lebanon undertaken by the Syrian regimeand its supporters." "Refugees, dissenters, and deserters who renounce violence shouldbe protected," it said. Even some Syrians who can legally avoid the draft now refuse to. Maher's friend Abdel-Rahman Qassem, 21, lived for years in theUnited Arab Emirates and planned to establish residency there andbuy his way out. "That was before the revolution," he said.
"But when it started, Istopped trying because I knew the money would go to the regime, soI wouldn't pay." Not all draft dodgers are active in the anti-Assad struggle, butmany said they now spend most of their time trying to help theopposition in Syria. "If I had a way to do it, I would join the Free Syrian Army,"Qassem said. "At least that way I'd feel I'm serving my country." ___ Associated Press writer Albert Aji contributed reporting fromDamascus.

New google+ for iphone is a slick wonder (still needed: a decentgoogle+ for ipad)

Keeping up with Google+ is — for me — a never-ending roller-coaster ride. Atfirst, I loved Google's social network . Then it slipped out of my list of daily must-visit sites, in partbecause the quality of the conversation seemed to plummet. Then Iwanted to get back into it, but found it less than satisfactory onmy main computer, the iPad. Live PA Speakers
Then I got irritated with the way inwhich Google seemed to be turning many of its other services intopromotioonal vehicles for Google+. And now I'm interested in Google+ once more, based on thestrength of its all-new iPhone app . In the blog post announcing the update , Google+ honcho Vic Gundotra calls it "a feast for theeyes," which sounds like wanton hype. It's not. The appis beautifully polished, with subtle animations and an extremelyresponsive touch interface that makes browsing through Google+updates and photos addictive in a way it's never been in thefull-blown browser version of the service. China Live PA Speakers
And it's got alook that's distinctively its own. I've never seenanything like it from Google or anyone else. Building an ambitious and elegant Google+ for the iPhone is a smartmove on Google's part, in part because its arch-nemisis,Facebook, has an iPhone app that just isn't very exciting. (Ialso find it so slow that I have an almost-subconscious tendency toavoid using it.) If you've got an iPhone and love Google+, Isuspect you'll love this app; if you've got an iPhoneand have never been smitten with Google+, the app might make you abeliever. But I'm still frustrated by Google+. Passive PA Speakers
The new app is an iPhone app — there's no version tailored for the iPad. AndGoogle+, as it appears in the iPad's Safari browser, is oftenliterally unusable, at least for me. I just tried to post alaudatory update about the iPhone app from my iPad, but Google+wouldn't let me publish my update until I'd selectedone or more Circles — and wouldn't show me the list ofCircles so I could select any. As the new iPhone app shows, Google is capable of writing iOSsoftware that's at least as good as anything it creates forAndroid. (It even rolled out the iPhone update first — itsays the Android version will be along in the coming weeks.) Withthe iPad, however, its efforts often seem half-baked.
The officialGmail for the iPad, for instance, is a major disappointment whichdoesn't even support multiple accounts. And Google+ is such amess that it leaves me thinking that nobody who's responsiblefor the service is an iPad user. Of course, it's possible that Google is hard at work on a newGoogle+ for the iPad that isn't quite ready yet. I want to love the service all over again — but I can't untilit's a joy to use on the device I use the most.

Britain's queen elizabeth leads giant river pageant - Line Array PA System - Audio Accessory Manufacturer

The flotilla of more than 1,000 boats is the high water mark of thenational celebrations for the 86-year-old monarch's 60th year onthe throne but the event also poses formidable security challenges. More than one million revellers are expected to line the streets tosee the the extravaganza of steam boats and tugs, speed boats andhistoric vessels in the first pageant on this scale on London'sriver since 1662. Dunkirk "little ships" that evacuated British forces from Europe inWorld War II and a Chinese dragon boat are among the vessels whichwill accompany the queen and other royals on the 11-kilometre(seven-mile) journey. Forecasters said wet weather was now expected for the pageant,which starts at 1300 GMT and is expected to last four hours, withfears that heavy rain which hit the city overnight could turn theevent into a wash-out. Active PA Speakers
Britons have also planned more than 9,500 street parties forSunday. A four-day national jubilee holiday kicked off on Saturday with thequeen indulging in her love of horse racing at the famed EpsomDerby horse race, where she was greeted by cheering, flag-wavingcrowds. Army paratroopers swooped from the sky ahead of her arrival withhusband Prince Philip, 90, and other members of the royal family,who saw favourite Camelot win Britain's richest race. A huge red, white and blue Union flag was projected onto BuckinghamPalace on Saturday night, and even the huge London Eye ferris wheelon the Thames was illuminated in the national colors. The celebrations take place as the royal family enjoys its highestsupport for decades. Line Array PA System
That is especially so for the queen, who isonly the second British monarch to celebrate a diamond jubilee,after queen Victoria in 1897. The river pageant on Sunday is by far the most complex part of thefestivities, and is effectively doubling up as a security rehearsalfor the London Olympics that open on July 27. Some 190 boats will sail alongside the pageant to handle securityand respond to any emergencies, while around 5,500 police and 7,000volunteers will be on standby. Heir to the throne Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, as well asPrince William, his wife Catherine and his brother Prince Harry,are joining the queen and Prince Philip on the sumptuous red andgold royal barge. Audio Accessory Manufacturer
The queen held the position of Lord High Admiral in the Royal Navyfrom 1964 until 2011, when she handed the title over to Philip. Music ranging from the national anthem and chiming bells, toBollywood tunes and the famous James Bond theme will blare fromboats and the Thames flood barrier will be closed to ensure calmwaters. Traffic will be barred from seven of the 14 London bridges that theflotilla passes beneath. Organisers have not been able to hold a full dress rehearsal butinsist there is only a minimal risk of a crash between the boats,which include several that are more than a hundred years old. A concert in the shadow of Buckingham Palace featuring PaulMcCartney and other top names is the highlight on Monday before thefour-day extravaganza culminates in the pomp and splendour of aceremonial parade on Tuesday.
There is a history of spectacular royal celebrations on the Thamesincluding the coronation of king Henry VIII's wife Anne Boleyn in1533 -- she was later beheaded -- and a pageant for King Charles IIin 1662. After a rocky period including the death of princess Diana in 1997,today's royals are resurgent in Britain, with a recent poll showingthat 80 percent of Britons want the country to remain a monarchy. Those levels of support are comparable to 1953, the year of thequeen's coronation. She acceded to the throne on February 6, 1952, upon the death ofher father King George VI while she was away in Kenya, and wascrowned the following year on June 2, amid massive publicenthusiasm despite heavy rain.